Kotowa Coffee – Gourmet Light Roast Ground Coffee

From: $13.00 every 2 weeks

Light body. Citric floral aroma.

Nut aftertaste.

Variety: Caturra. Process: Washed


The name KOTOWA comes from the indigenous word that means “mountains”.
The Kotowa Farms are named in honor of our grandfather Alexander Duncan Macintyre, who started the family coffee business.
Sometime in the early 1900s Alexander read an article from a region called Boquete, in a distant Central American country called Panama. He read of the mountains surrounding a mysterious volcano,
an unexplored region with a consistently cool climate. His curiosity led him to visit the region, where he fell in love with the area, the people and the magic of the valley. For four generations, the Alexander family has grown and processed in the same traditional way and proudly offers truly special coffee.
During the harvest, we carefully select the cherries to be processed to be pulped using modern equipment and techniques with the clean and crystalline waters of our natural sources. Only then do we slowly dry the coffee beans in the sun at 1,700 meters above sea level or in equipment at no more than 45°C designed to preserve quality and flavor.

Weight 340 g
Tipo de Compra

Compra Individual, Suscripción – Entrega cada 2 semanas, Suscripción – Entrega cada mes, Suscripción – Entrega cada 3 meses

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