Café Gran Del Val – Caturra Washed Whole Bean Coffee


Notes: Chocolate, citrus, caramel.

Variety: Caturra. Process: Washed. Region: Bajo Mono, Boquete. Altitude: 1300.00 masl

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Back in 1880, Engineer Joseph De Dianous moved from his native France to Panama, to work for Compagnie Universalle Du Canal Interocianique, the French Panama Canal Company.
In 1914, his son Gabriel De Dianous purchased a land in Bajo Mono, Boquete, Panama. Where he founded Farm Gladys, in honor of his beloved wife. The Farm is located in Panama’s cool northen blue mountains, at an altitude over 1,300 masl, a region blessed with mist, rich volcanic black soil, water springs, surrounded by mountains forests and many varieties of native trees such as Guava, Cuellito, Cedar, Cenizos, Higueron, Poro and many others. This land is regarded by experts to be within Panama’s prime Coffee land.
In 1991 Ricardo and Teresita, Gabriel’s daughter, accouried Farm Gladys whew there founded Cafetalera Fernandez. In 1993, they bought Farm Gran Paraiso a neighboring coffee plantation located alongside the Caldera River and Farm Gladys within the bajo mono canyon. Four years later, 1997, Cafetalera Fernández built panama first coffee ecological processing mill. In 1998 with the help of the third generation, Ricardo, Edgar and Rodolfo Fernandez de Dianous, the family did their first coffee export to Volcafe, Switzerland. Since then, Gran del Val Coffee has reached several countries around the world being one of the first brands to show the world the finest quality coffee found in Boquete, Panama.
In 1999, Cafetaleras Fernández aquired Farm La Fortuna, a very unique coffee plantation located on the slope of the Baru Volcano (Aalto Quiel) at an altitude above 1500 masl. The farm is planted with varieties of Geisha and Typica. They are shade grown between mountain forest trees, and the perfect spot for bird watching and exploring nature. This same year Cafetalera Fernández quality control, ecosystem and social programs where certified by the Rainforest Alliance NY. In january 2019 Hiro Coffee, Japan, certified Cafe Gran del Val quality as a safe, sustainable and high quality coffee.
Ever since our coffee has reached the world, including countries like: USA, Japan, Iceland, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Austria, France, Germany, Australia and Panama.

Weight 200 g
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