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Roasted Coffee

During the roasting process, a whole series of modifications take place in the structure of the coffee bean, its physical properties, as well as a series of chemical reactions that give roasted coffee the desired organoleptic characteristics.
The best roast color is a highly controversial issue directly related to the habits of each country and even the palates of the inhabitants of each specific area in each region.

Coffee Roasting

Generalizing, we could say that in the North and Central Europe, a medium roast is used with values between 55 to 65, according to the Agtron color measurement method (there are other brands with the same guarantees of reliability, but with different evaluation criteria. In this system, the lower the number, the greater the darkness (and vice versa), automatic measurement, or other less sophisticated systems and therefore less expensive are the color discs that are purchased with ground coffee.

Following the same measurement standards, in the Mediterranean Zone the roasting colors are darker, standing at references between 40 to 55, depending on whether the coffee is roasted for hospitality or not. In the United States, the French Roasted variety is very popular, at an Agtron value of 30, very close to the coffee about to burn.

Color and aroma ratio taste of the product

Light Roast


Little intense aroma, taste not fully developed.

Medium Light

COLOR 55 TO 60

Soft, acid aroma Original taste of the product Light body. Not appropriate for espresso.


COLOR 50 TO 55

More intense aroma Tastes somewhat bitter begin, but maintains a good balance.

Medium High

COLOR 45 TO 50

Very intense aroma, but losing nuances, bitter and high body.


COLOR 40 TO 45

Some burnt aromas and pronounced bitter tastes begin to be noticed, it loses acidity, but it can work well in places where you like strong coffee.

Very Dark


It loses aroma, releases many oils and the taste is clearly burnt.

Of course this classification of tastes should be very nuanced depending on the mixture of roasted coffee.

Café & Aroma

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