Cafe Rogusta – Robusta Honey Whole bean Coffee

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Species: Canephora. Variety: Robusta. Process: Honey.

Region: Sacramento, between the Towns of San Pedro and San Miguel, Coclé Province, Penonomé District. Corregimiento of Chiguirí Arriba.

In the cultivation process, we make sure to select and collect the best coffee cherrie, when they are red and ready to be processed. Our robusta coffee beans are processed following the process of Golden Honey or ‘Red Honey’. This means that, once pulped, the coffee beans are dried with their mucilage for approximately three weeks, until they reach the indicated humidity level. The coffee beans are classified by size and stored until ready to roast and pile. The roasting is constantly reviewed and compared to ensure the desired roasting. Then the grain is allowed to breathe for 24 to 48 hours and then it is packed in grain or ground. The result is a very palatable product.

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In the midst of beautiful mountains and small valleys with perfect microclimates for coffee cultivation, Hacienda Rogusta, a self-sustaining family farm, has been located and operated since 2008, where we harvest a pure coffee, free of pesticides and herbicides. With plantations of various organic crops and animals that create an ecosystem of high biodiversity and fertile land, at Hacienda Rogusta we are proud to produce high quality artisan coffee that integrates and respects the land and its gifts.

Our collaborators and farmers know very well the land they till and harvest, since most of them come from nearby towns. This allows them to find sustainable and natural solutions that help the product that is harvested to be 100% natural and fertilized by elements that come from the same land. The Hacienda Rogusta coffee mill is made up of coffee plantations, a processing plant, roasting and packaging.

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